Stephanie Hurtado Lonard

Program Champion
Stephanie is our current volunteer SHPE Region 6 Vice President. Stephanie is also the CEO at Technically Minded Talent, Inc.

Monica Paola Villasenor

Chair Professional
Monica is a Sr. Project Engineer at Medtronic, Inc. and she received her degree in Electrical Engineering at Arizona State University

Jazmine Panora

Chair Student
Jazmine is a Computer Science student at U of M in  Minneapolis, MN

Carolina Viramontes

Corporate Relations Professional Chair
Carolina is an Associate Reliability Engineer at Medtronic, Inc. and she received her degree in Biomedical Engineering at Northwestern University.

Louis Vera-Portocarrero

Professional Logistics Chair
Louis is a Scientist with over 10 years of experience working at Medtronic, Inc.  and  he has been 4 years as a SHPE member serving in various leadership positions.

Jose Santillan

Student Logistics Chair

Jose is a senior studying Materials Science & Engineering at UMN and is also the president of the SHPE UMN student chapter.

Gabriel Lopez

Marketing (Website) Professional Chair
Gabriel is an Associate Manufacturing Engineer at Medtronic, Inc. and he received his degree  B.S in Mechanical Engineering in May 2017 and completed his MS in Manufacturing Engineering Dec 2018 from the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley.

Rodrigo Lopez

Student Marketing Designer
Rodrigo is a Mechanical Engineering Student at the Institute of Technology (Class 2019). He is also the Region 6 Marketing Director / Designer.

Alexis Bern

Student Volunteer Chair

Alexis is a Chemical Engineering major student at the U of M in Minneapolis, MN. Verb: Hardworking

Alfredo Aguirre

Educational Professional Chair

Manufacturing Supervisor, has been with Medtronic for 3 years, previously worked as a Manufacturing Engineer. Graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineer at The University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, December 2015.